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Enjoy exercise the way it was meant to be learned, with small group training in my private studio and lovely park-like setting.  You'll learn the latest in fitness programs for all ages, body shapes, and sizes, including kettlebell training, TRX body-weight suspension training, weight loss programs, and more.

You'll learn that a great workout is NOT about the equipment you use--
it's about the way you use your body.

You don't NEED a large gym full of specialized machines to get an effective workout-- I guarantee it.

My clients enjoy safe, effective instruction and camaraderie in a low-stress, supportive environment.  If you hate the sensory overload of a gym, or the institutional environment of a community center, you'll feel at home at my studio. Group sessions are usually limited to 3-5 students, depending on the workout format.

[NOTE: Even a small group won't be small enough if you have musculoskeletal issues or other health concerns. Please get your doctor's or physical therapist's approval and start with one-on-one training. A few sessions may be all you need to transition into a group.]

Workout Descriptions

Not all programs are available all the time.  Call or check the calendar for our current offerings.

Group Personal Training
This is exactly the same as personal training, just not one-on-one. I will design custom workouts for you to do during scheduled “group” times at my home studio in Dunkirk.  Outdoor training may be included, weather permitting, for clients who want to exercise outside. [Clients with musculoskeletal or health concerns should start with one-on-one training to receive the attention they need.]

Indoor/Outdoor Workout
This fun, intense workout will improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles, perk up your posture, and make you feel great!  It's like a boot camp, but more fun and without all the yelling, chanting, and "hoo-ah"(We don't need no stinkin' hoo-ah!) You will use various fitness equipment, including the TRX, kettlebells, bars, bands, medicine balls, and more, moving through a series of exercises for your upper body, abdominals, hips, glutes and thighs.  Sessions will be held indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both, depending upon weather conditions.

Kettlebell Blast
Kettlebell exercise is the latest rage in fitness, combining cardio and strength training with a single piece of equipment. Learn a variety of kettlebell moves that will torch calories & body fat as you improve your strength, endurance & aerobic fitness.  We will end the session with abdominal/core work and a well-deserved cool-down & stretch. 

Total Body Toning
In these sessions, you will learn to strengthen and tone your muscles using different types of equipment (such as the BodyWedge 21, stability ball, TRX, weights, kettlebells, and more).  These simple but effective routines will challenge all fitness levels (beginners use lighter weights). Learn to layer moves to fatigue your muscles quickly and effectively, for noticeable results. 

TRX Express Workout
Using the TRX Suspension Training System, you will move from one exercise to another very quickly, toning your entire body in a short time.   By changing your hand or body position slightly, you can adjust exercise difficulty “on the fly” to keep things challenging (but not impossible).   Learn how efficient a TRX workout can be!

Dance your way to a fitter you, with exciting, unique Latin & international moves and rhythms— ZUMBA, the craze that is taking the world by storm! Zumba moves are easy to learn; anyone can do it.  If you like moving to music, try ZUMBA—it’s the workout that feels like a party! (Our Zumba sessions are very small; perfect for shy beginners!)

For more information, call now at (240) 463-6868, or email from this link!